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Small Cameras

By Martin Williams

"I carry my compact all the time because it's so much easier to use than my SLR," says Tan. "I can shoot anything with it — birthday parties, friends I'm having a beer with, people on the street or a beautiful sunset." Unlike Tan, I'd long dismissed compact cameras as toys. For 20 years, I took all my pictures on my Olympus and Nikon SLR cameras, proud of my ability to switch lenses and adjust the shutter speed, aperture and other complicated settings. Full article: Top photos with compact cameras

But I occasionally took shots on compacts owned by family and friends, and many of them turned out very well. I eventually bought a compact of my own, and it's transformed me into a firm fan of these pocket-size cameras where all you need do is load, aim and click, with electronics taking care of everything else.


Have fun shooting!