In early 2003, I started a site at my own address, Doc Martin Williams. I've expanded that site, and am updating it, so you may wish to head there instead.

Maybe also try a related site I've started - on "enjoying and protecting wild Hong Kong": Hong Kong Outdoors.


If you wish to stay here, you can follow the links below for a whirlwind cyberhike through Hong Kong's finest scenery, an extended birding tour to Beidaihe, east China, information on books on green Hong Kong, fine photos, and an eclectic mix of articles (ever wondered what it might be like to prospect for dinosaurs in China, climb South-East Asia's highest mountain, roam the planet's oldest rainforest, tour Hong Kong bars and discos, hop back in time to hunt frogs and deadly snakes on the island destroyed to make way for Hong Kong's airport? You'll find the answers here).

  Hiking in Hong Kong

Hiking in Hong Kong: an overview, including my pick of the best trails and areas.

  Photos and Photography
DocMartin Photos Store: fine art prints with an emphasis on wildlife and wild places.
The World's Greatest Wild Hong Kong Photos: scenery and wildlife in Hong Kong.

Cheung Chau Photo Galleries: photos of the South China Sea island I live on — though just a half-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong Island, it seems a world away (see also the article, "An Island Apart").

Big Shots with Small Cameras including Smartphones: article on choosing and using point-and-shoot cameras, with photos taken using Ricoh GR1s; techniques also apply to smartphone photography.

  Beidaihe and Hong Kong Birding (plus Beidaihe town)
Checklist of the Birds of Beidaihe: annotated list of Beidaihe (Qinhuangdao) birds. 
Beidaihe — Migration Hub of the Orient: Beidaihe is among the world's finest migration watchpoints. 
Chairman Mao was Here: Beidaihe is also one of China's top seaside resorts.
  Hong Kong Birdwatching Basics: an introduction to birding in Hong Kong.

The 25 Best Day Walks in Hong Kong: my guide to Hong Kong walks; an updated and expanded version of Hong Kong Pathfinder.
An Island Apart: the island I live on, Cheung Chau.
Lantau: Isle of the Unexpected: Lantau, Hong Kong's largest island, is being transformed along the north coast by schemes linked to the new airport; but it still boasts tremendous scenery, and marvellous hiking trails.
The Last Hunt: a tale of herp hunters on the island of Chek Lap Kok, before it was mostly levelled to become Hong Kong's new airport. ("Herps" are reptiles and amphibians to most of us).
Hong Kong's Wild Stars: four Hong Kong species — Chinese white dolphin, black-faced spoonbill, Romer's tree frog, and a dragonfly — that deserve to be better known.
Enigmatic Beauty: Bauhinia — the Hong Kong orchid tree — is the emblem of Hong Kong.
In the Dragon's Lair: fung shui (feng shui) — Chinese geomancy — can supposedly help with aspects of life ranging from rice growing, through finding a partner, to amassing wealth. 
Once more into the night: a roam around Hong Kong's bars, pubs and clubs.
Breakfast with Hornbills: Taman Negara, a Malaysian rainforest protected as a national park. 
Philippine eagle conservation: efforts to save the Philippine eagle, especially by captive breeding. 
Openbill storks in Thailand: Thailand's openbill storks have been saved from possible extinction in Thailand by monks and a kindly landowner.
Awesome Mount Kinabalu: how I conquered South-East Asia's highest mountain. 
Turtle Islands Park: turtle conservation in Sabah, Malaysia. 
Unearthing China's Real Dragons: the world's most prolific dinosaur hunter, Dong Zhiming.
  Farm herbs, not bears: includes bears rescued from a farm where they were milked for their bile.
  Bone of Tiger, Bile of Bear: traditional Chinese medicine and conservation; there is some progress towards substitutes for products like tiger bone wine. 
  The Omen: unprecedented, worldwide coral bleaching during 1998.
  Heat, Lies and Indifference: global warming.

Trees at Wuling Farm, Taiwan


Cheung Chau Hong Kong: Website on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong - island I live on.
None Like Scarborough - on my hometown, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.
World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong: includes information on Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve. 

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: lest you were in a cheery mood, see how over 1500 top-notch boffins rate the state of our planet. 
World Scientists' Call for Action: as a follow-up to the warning, the scientists issued a call for action. Too bad we've barely noticed any yet.

Global Warming forum/blog on my DocMartin site. 


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